We've been doing some research and noticed that glass lighting is hugely in trend right now, and we think we know why.

Glass can be used in so many environments and interior styles due to its versatility.


Glass can be finished in so many different ways, whether that is left in its true form, coloured during the production process, or the surface is sprayed at a later stage in the process.

Clear glass, as you would expect, fits in with most environments and blends in with the colours it is surrounded by. Coloured glass adds touches of vibrant colour to lift a space or can provide a classy dark, glow. Opal glass, meanwhile creates a unique uniform glow from the bulbs.


The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the shape of your fittings. The glass is as good as the craftsmen at hand and we have these in abundance at Chantelle Lighting!

Globes - as you may already know we love glass globes, which can be used as the main feature of a light, or groups of smaller globes can finish off the overall look of a fitting. Cones - the strong lines of a cone shape really accentuates the bulb. Free Form - free form glass lets us get a little more creative with your projects and meet any quirky, bespoke needs.


The texture of a glass can completed change the look of a light fitting.

Smooth - the classic smooth glass texture reflects light in a way which most other surfaces don't. Ribbed - if you're needing a little more texture in your fitting then ribbed glass is the perfect solution and changes the glow of the lamps to add more ambience. Speckled - the speckled effect can add a subtle texture to your glass. It can also make the glass look like it has small water droplets on its surface.

If you are looking to use glass in your next project and want our advice on the type of fittings available, please contact us on [email protected] or call 01282 877877