Okay, you may not be in the market for a chandelier right now (or ever) but sometimes, we just need to step outside of reality and simply appreciate the true magnificence of these bespoke creations.
Here at Chantelle Lighting, we have created a huge number of stunning chandeliers in our 30 years and still feel that same exhilaration as we hang the last of thousands of crystals and step back to admire the sheer beauty of each lavish masterpiece.
We’ve chosen three of our favourite bespoke residential projects to share with you; hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


When building a luxury home in Merseyside in an exclusive postcode, a certain high-profile figure looked to Elixir Design Interiors to help create a stunning internal theme.
Lighting was to play a huge part in creating a deluxe, opulent character to the home, particularly in the beautiful entrance area featuring a grand, sweeping staircase.
The owners of this superb home were clear in their requirements for the lighting; they required a showstopping, dramatic focal point that was unique to them; and who better to deliver than Chantelle Lighting.
The result is a spectacular, bespoke feature crystal chandelier with a unique spiralled crystal stem which certainly brings this grand entrance hall to life. At an impressive length of 6.5m the lavish, lighting-catching chandelier provided the exact wow factor the client was looking for.


Having a new home with a vast entrance hallway, this celebrity couple wanted a chandelier which would become a dramatic focal point of their sweeping staircase.
They had a clear idea of what they wanted in their heads but couldn’t find a chandelier which met this vision. Chantelle Lighting were enlisted to take this concept and bring it to reality.
After numerous meetings with the design team at Chantelle Lighting and site visits to scope out the grandeur of the property and lighting needed, a bespoke chandelier along with other complimenting light fittings for the rest of the house were taken from sketch to reality.
The result is a magnificent 12ft draping chandelier made up of some 50,000 crystals, providing the show-stopping focal they wanted for guests as they enter their home. Without a doubt one of the most impressive pieces ever manufactured at Chantelle Lighting in their UK based factory.


The owner of this stunning listed building had a clear vision of the type of chandelier she wanted for her expansive hallway; she just couldn't find it.
She sat down with our managing director Anthony Holly and described the chandelier which she had seen before house hunting; and he came back with the perfect design.
The design was a three-tier crystal chandelier, 18 ft in length and bearing some 2000 jewels, dressing the sweeping staircase and becoming the focal feature of the impressive hall.
The chandelier is just what the owner imagined; both fabulous and staggering and creating beautiful rainbows around the hall when the sun shines through.


Designed by Elixir Design Interiors, here are some amazing chandeliers handcrafted by our talented artisan craftsmen & women at Chantelle Lighting.