22 December 2016

Our five favourite projects from 2016

Its been a busy year for us at Chantelle Lighting, as weve been working up and down the country on lots of exciting projects, both in the hospitality sector and also on some private residential properties. As the year draws to a close we thought it would be nice to round it off by selecting five projects which we love:

Be at One, Nottingham:

We created and manufactured two stunning, bespoke, antique pink multi ring pendants with 24 warm LED lamps in each. The bespoke fittings were eye-catching and added a new dimension to the bar. Keeping in line with the 'Miami' theme, they were bold, bright, colourful and playful; exactly like Be at One.

Read the full case study here: http://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/project/57/Be-at-One


Forest, Fence:

We were asked to create a number of bespoke fittings, which were unique and would create the right mood, ambience and setting as the venue shifted from day to night time. We manufactured a range of light fittings for throughout the venue, including the restaurant, stairs, hallway and the bedrooms.

Read the full case study here: http://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/project/56/Forest


Jazzman Grooves, Burnley:

We provided the external Jazzman's sign at the front of the building. This is an eye-catching piece, and really complements the industrial, steampunk interior design theme inside the shop.Adding to the look, we supplied a number of industrial fittings including a working pendant fan, which really enhanced the theme.

Read the full case study here: http://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/project/55/Jazzman-Grooves


Private Residence, Brighton:

We manufactured a large chandelier, finished in blackened steel, creating an almost velvet effect, which was much softer to the eye. The fitting came complete with 30 dimmable LED light bulbs, which created a brilliant glow, adding hints of gold and yellow tones, which were a nice contrast to the dark steel.

Read the full case study here: http://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/project/54/Private-Residence


The Village Hotel Group, various sites:

We produced a stunning nine arm pendant in black for the reception area at each venue. This features adjustable arms that can be shifted to point in any direction.

The corridors in the hotel venues are lit up with downlights, which are angled towards the doors; this creates a sultry mood, enticing guests as they use the corridor paths.

The lighting supplied for the bedrooms is minimalistic; usually angled and manufactured from wood and chrome to create a simplistic look, which is versatile and will match any interior. The designers chose bright, bold colours to furnish the bedrooms, so the overall look is very modern and current.

Read the full case study here: http://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/project/53/The-Village-Hotel-Group


We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our work in 2016, we look forward to completing many more projects like these in 2017!

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