28 November 2016

Urban lighting vs traditional lighting

There’s a noticeable difference in lighting in every room you enter; we may take this for granted, but, behind the scenes, a great deal of work, time, effort and creativity goes into setting the scene and creating the right ambience and mood through the use of lighting.

Today, we’re taking a look at the use of lighting in urban locations, in comparison to the use of lighting in a more traditional venue in the countryside.

Yes, we know, it may seem obvious, but we’ve compiled a quick lowdown on the visible differences and what to look out for when visiting these locations.

Urban lighting

·        Think bright and colourful, adding pops of colour to mirror the dynamic, fast moving, fast paced and busy clientele. For example, a bar in a city centre may really go to town on the use of colour, creating emphasis and visuality through the lighting and interior design. Owners of the bar may want it to look modern, quirky, funky; everything you’d find in a city centre location!

·        Trends in the lighting world are always evolving and developing. Urban locations tend to use the trends, incorporating them into the venue and making them a real feature. Take the industrial trend, which has been around for a few years now and is only getting bigger and better than ever. It works fantastically well in urban restaurants and bars as it adds a certain edginess. Here at Chantelle, we have a great range of industrial products to choose from, including wall lights, chandeliers, floor lamps and pendant lights; or if you have an idea in mind, let’s create it from scratch!

·        The use of metals is another key feature to look out for in urban lighting. Copper is a great metal to work with and adds a warm glow to any setting. Designers often want to incorporate copper into their location as it can help to make a room appear more cosy and inviting. In this instance, they may want to create a more traditional setting, so customers feel as though they are away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Traditional lighting

·        The key here is to make customers visiting the bar, restaurant or hotel feel cosy, comfortable and secure; isn’t that what we all expect on a trip to the countryside? The lighting should have a warm glow, particularly in winter. It should create cosy corners, amber hues and give a welcoming, homely feel, yet still be bright and practical. 

·        We’ve worked on venues in the countryside which require a bespoke chandelier to create an impact as soon as you enter the building. This makes the place memorable and is usually a talking point for guests.

·        Sometimes, old, traditional buildings are blessed with quirky features, so it’s always a good idea to highlight and illuminate these, transforming the feature from dated and perhaps an inconvenience to eye-catching and striking.

So, whether you are working with an urban or traditional backdrop, lighting is key to helping you achieve your desired look and feel.

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