08 November 2016

Creativity is at the heart of what we do

Light fittings are subjective and here at Chantelle we recognise the need for both simple fittings that can be produced on a large scale and also fun, quirky fittings which add the wow factor.

Both are necessities within the hospitality industry in order to light up a setting for practical use, but also to give a space creativity and individuality.

And today were going to talk about light fittings which do all of the above; bespoke fittings which are unique, innovative and exciting. Why do designers choose these fittings? Where do the ideas stem from?

Well, we recently had a play with fittings from our Chameleon Collection, as we think its important (and fun) to be creative all the time. We chose the yellow finish and pulled together a cluster from the single pendants. The outcome was fantastic and its always great to show the versatility of a product. The possibilities are endless with light fittings and this was just one example of how to make an original fitting which would look great in a variety of settings.

Designers of a hotel, bar or restaurant often have a theme to work with. The brief will be clear and its then their job to make this come to life through the interiors, including the lighting. Its the lighting where they are able to shine. There is often a need for a statement piece to make its mark, often the talking point of the setting.

One example of this is a bespoke wine glass chandelier we manufactured in our factory. It was exciting to work with the designer on the brief, making their ideas a reality. 58 single wine glasses were sprayed from clear to a variety of different colours, transforming the fitting into a bright, vibrant, vivacious piece.

Our bespoke light fittings can be seen up and down the country; were dedicated to creativity, imaginative ideas and doing the very best for each and every one of our customers. 

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