09 September 2016

Chantelle goes 'au natural'

As we head into autumn, we thought this would be a great time to discuss the elements and the fantastic array of textures and materials that allow us to create quirky and innovative light fittings.

Here at Chantelle Lighting, we specialise in bespoke fittings; sometimes we work with designers who have a clear idea and vision in mind, while other times we are given an initial idea and asked to elaborate, creating beautiful bespoke fittings to mirror the interior design of the venue.

A trend which has really caught our eye this year, and continues to become bigger and better is the use of nature to inspire and create lighting products.

For example, we have over 32 different finishes for our fittings, moss being one of them. The bright green colour of the plant is eye-catching and the effects that can be created are truly amazing. Our moss effect pendant light is made from a single wire frame overlayed with moss and comes with a choice of either a globe filament bulb or dimmable LED bulb; depending on certain requirements.

We worked with Rawligion in London, a nature inspired café which focuses on natural products both in its food and drink offering, as well as the interior design. We manufactured a set of bespoke fittings for the café to complement the leaves and outdoors effect. Our clear, acrylic clear tube pendants are simple, allowing the natural elements which surround them to shine through.

Lighting inspired by nature softens cold, contemporary or bare spaces by adding softer lines and creating warmth and an inviting atmosphere.

There is also the introduction of much more neutral, earthy tones. These colours are softer and have an organic feel, tying in with the nature theme. A recent shift in the industrial trend has seen the focus move to much cleaner, brighter and modern fittings; we have a range of bespoke fittings which mirror the trend and are great for a variety of venues within the hospitality industry.

Our Antler Collection is great for bringing a touch of the great outdoors inside. These are adventurous fittings, which are available as wall lights, chandeliers and table lamps. The nature element is hugely prominent here, and the shape, colour and texture of the antlers make these a must have for anyone wishing to explore the theme.

Or why not try our wooden fittings? We have a range of bespoke fittings made entirely from wood and bark. Again inspired by the great outdoors, these are innovative, quirky and every bit as exciting as they sound.

Done right, this is a trend which works amazingly well in a number of different settings and can really transform a venue. Give it a go; as we approach the winter months, it's a great time to bring the outside in...

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