28 September 2016

5 ways lighting can transform a restaurant

With the winter months quickly approaching, there's never been a better time to think about the effects of lighting, and the different ways to illuminate a space, create ambience, a warm glow and comfort.

We provide lighting for the hospitality industry, including restaurants across the UK. Many restaurants we work alongside have a theme, or idea which is represented within the interior design, and it's our job to mirror this.

Lighting is a major component of a restaurant's overall design aesthetic and is an important tool in completing the desired look.

Here are five ways in which lighting can completely transform a restaurant and add those finishing touches...

1. Customer Needs

Restaurant owners should consider their customers carefully when choosing the lighting. Think about low, dim lighting above a cosy table for two, or LED lighting surrounding a bar area, especially if the restaurant comes alive in the evenings and weekends.


2.The 'Wow' Factor

It's a competitive industry, and every restaurant is looking to stand out from the crowd. Lighting gives you every chance to do this exceptionally well. Less can certainly be more, whilst statement, bespoke fittings can also play an important role. Consider the theme to the restaurant and your customer base, then think about the lighting you desire.


3.The Product

Pendants, downlights, caged lighting, LED lighting, wall lighting - the list goes on. A product and lighting range suitable for every setting. Here at Chantelle Lighting we supply all of the above, and specialise in bespoke, unique fittings which truly make a space come alive and add that finishing touch every restaurant owner dreams of.


4.Highlight a Key Feature

Maybe your restaurant has a key feature that you'd like to accentuate. Lighting is the best way to do this; the possibilities are endless, we work closely with restaurant designers to ensure all needs are met and the lighting does the best job it can.


5.Outdoor Lighting

If a restaurant has an outdoor dining area/beer garden for the summer months, it's really important to make sure this is illuminated, and reflects the same ambience and mood as the interior of the restaurant. As al fresco dining becomes increasingly popular, it's more important than ever to ensure the lighting is correct.

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