30 July 2015

Chantelle goes to Guanzjho Lighting Show

Our Managing Director Anthony Holly recently embarked on his journey to China along with General Manager Lauren Holly, and Operations Manager Chris Astin. 

The purpose of the trip was to visit the huge lighting exhibition in Guanzjho to get a feel for trends and upcoming technology so that we can stay ahead of our competitors. We've been designing and manufacturing industrial lighting for some time now and we have a feeling that this is going to change.

After over 24 hours travelling the most unbearable part for Lauren was just after landing when Anthony was trying to speak Spanish to a Chinese taxi driver!

First stop was a huge shopping centre that happened to be directly across from their hotel. It was dedicated solely to lighting and they spent a full day here and found some potential crystal suppliers for the future.

Once at the exhibition, they separated and looked at different areas as the exhibition is so vast. Chris went looking for the latest LED solutions, Lauren looked at the blingy jaw dropping chandeliers and Anthony went in search of some Chinese Dim Sum!

In all seriousness, it was a productive trip and has given us a head start on upcoming lighting trends. Retro fittings seemed popular, think 1950's and 1960's conical shapes. 

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