12 June 2017

Home Is where the heart Is

As you probably all know, Chantelle Lighting specialise in bespoke lighting for bars, hotels and restaurants and we’re proud of what we do. Every commercial project that we have the pleasure of manufacturing lighting for is unique and we pride ourselves on our ability to transform each venue through the lighting.

That being said, we are frequently contacted with requests for lighting for homes. Here at Chantelle, we understand the thought and care that goes into designing your house and so we take just as much pride in these projects as we do in our commercial challenges.

We spend most of our life inside the four walls we call ‘Home’. "Home is where the heart is” and is a place where we unwind and relax. Many people ask; what’s the difference between a House and a Home? Well, a House is defined as concrete walls, where as a Home is a personal space in which you belong. This is why we have such a fascination in creating a space which suits our personal preferences and beliefs. One of the main components in creating these spaces is the lighting, you may think ‘yes, of course a lighting company is going to say that’ but here are the reasons why…..



Let’s be honest here the fact that they light up the room is the most important part of lighting. If not we would be walking around in a dark room. Have you ever stubbed your toe before? Well without those lights you’d be experiencing that same hellish pain every day and we don’t want that do we?!


The Look

We want everything in our life to look good! From cars, hair and even food! The same goes for lighting. We spend nearly half of our lives at home, so why not give yourself something good to look at whilst you’re there? Having great looking lights will get you loads of likes, we have 1,400…


The Finishing touches

It’s doesn’t all have to be glitz and glam. A nice table or floor lamp can really bring everything together, a bit like that cherry on the top of a cake. That’s why you should never bypass the finishing touches, imagine floating like a butterfly but not stinging like a bee, it’d be rubbish!

Ohhh and did we tell you that you don’t have to break the bank! All you need to do is check out our ready to ship range and all your lighting dream will be fulfilled: http://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/prods/Ready-to-Ship 


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