01 June 2016

Chantelle visits Clerkenwell Design Week

Keeping up to date with current trends and ideas in the lighting, but also interior design world is something we, at Chantelle, are really passionate about.

It's exciting to see ideas evolve, and our creative in-house team are continually focusing on these trends, and thinking of ways to channel the ideas into our lighting designs.

A great way to keep up to date with current innovations is to visit design shows and exhibitions, which are held up and down the country. These are a good chance to focus on commercial interior design patterns, and really understand what is 'in' at the moment.

Our managing director Anthony Holly, marketing manager Kelli Keenan, and members of our PR team visited Clerkenwell Design Week in London last week. The week-long event is a chance for creative businesses to showcase their designs and innovative projects, to an audience of both creative souls, but also the general public.

The exhibition is divided across Clerkenwell, a quirky, attractive area of London; shops, churches and even world famous nightclub 'Fabric' homed artists and designers work from across the country.

Tom Dixon's contemporary lighting took over St James Church for a pop up exhibition. The brand looked at its biggest influence and underpinning inspiration; materials. It was interesting to look at the lighting in depth, and understand his use of materials, envisioning these in various settings.

We visited various other exhibitions, some focused on lighting, and others focused on interior design and one off pieces of art. Fabric nightclub was renamed the Icon House of Culture for the week, and a range of creative companies displayed their work. We were particularly inspired by the lighting area; natural elements such as wood, ceramic and even string were used to creative innovative light fittings.

Here at Chantelle, we specialise in both one off bespoke light fittings, but also providing large quantities of lights, for restaurants, bars and hotels alike. In addition to this, we regularly produce our very own ranges throughout the year, which are inspired by current trends and innovative thought processes.

Clerkenwell Design Week was a fantastic day out of the office for the team, but more importantly, it was a good chance to keep up to date with designs, leading figures and companies in the industry, and get our creative thinking caps on, ready for a bright future!



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