06 May 2016

Hotel Lighting, a home away from home

Hotels occupy a number of different past times, but whether you're visiting for business or leisure, your experience should always be memorable, comfortable and exciting.

And that's where we come in - lighting is a key element to the interior of any hotel design, and it should reflect the theme, mood and clientele of the hotel.  The lighting should be aesthetically pleasing but also practical to suit all needs of the customers visiting the hotel.

Guests could be visiting for a business trip, and spending the week in the same hotel, therefore it must suit their needs to guarantee a return visit.  Whereas some guests could be visiting for one night, so visually attractive, stunning light pieces will make an immediate impact and be a real discussion point throughout their short stay.

We were asked to provide the lighting for the Belfry Hotel, the world famous Ryder Cup destination. Alongside providing lighting for the 319 bedrooms, conference suites, corridors and reception areas, we created and manufactured a stunning, bespoke chandelier which was the main feature in the reception area.  Made from 140 golf clubs, this was an innovative idea, which was a welcome attraction for many guests, especially for all those interested in the golfing industry.

Many hotels incorporate gorgeous restaurants, and diners will often visit just for this facility. Again, it's important to create the right setting, so guests can enjoy food and drink in a welcoming environment.  We recently teamed up with Radisson Blu and its Firelake Grill House to create warm, soft lighting which still had that industrial feel to reflect the theme throughout the restaurant.  We highlighted the seating area by hanging caged pendant lighting from the ceiling, which worked beautifully next to the open fire.  Both visually enticing and doing a good job!    

But guests visiting a hotel for business and work commitments may need to spend their evenings studying, sending emails, reading, or writing, and so the lighting in the bedrooms should accommodate these needs too.  In a recent project with the Village Hotel Group, we supplied the wall lights and floor lamps for their bedrooms; going for a relaxed, simplistic look, we created angled edge fittings made from wood and chrome.  Guests could then enjoy and unwind in their surroundings, but also be able to work should they need to.

Hotels are a home away from home, and it's important to make sure the interior is pleasing for customers in all ways.

The lighting you choose at home most probably mirrors your personality and is therefore subjective. While this is very hard to recreate, we work hard with hotel owners and designers, to replicate the theme in mind, making the light fittings stunning, yet practical should they need to be.


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