26 May 2015

It's that time of the year again!

 It's that time of year again! Due to land on the desks of our customers and suppliers in the next few weeks, Illuminate, our company newspaper, is now in its sixth edition. Starting off as a way to showcase our recent products and projects, the newspaper has evolved into a staple piece in the libraries of designers and architects nationwide.

The planning of each edition begins months before it hits the desks of designers and architects. When planning each newspaper, we start off with a brainstorming session and this can involve everybody and anybody in the business. We also consider feedback from our regular clients – we aim to please! The starting point for the brainstorm is looking back over recent projects that have challenged our team and projects that make us stand out. Whether this be grand bespoke chandeliers or a futuristic nine tier bespoke feature fitting.

We know that a lot of our long standing clients look forward to the featured projects and often request to be featured themselves. So, once the projects have been decided upon our marketing and PR team get busy contacting the designers and clients to get their take on how each project went and the finished masterpiece. We also send our in house photographers to each site to get some high quality images that will showcase each site to its maximum potential.

The final step is the scariest part…the sign off from our MD! This is after checking and double checking each page. Only then does it hit the desk of Anthony – so that he can make his amendments and give us his opening paragraph for the inside cover.

We hope you enjoys this quarters edition, it’s hard to believe that we’re on edition 6 already! We’re always open to feedback so please do get in touch and let us know what you think.

To receive your copy of Illuminate 06, please email Bethany.rawes@chantellelighting.co.uk

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