02 May 2013

The future is bright for LED

Light-emitting diodes' have been around for years! By 2020 being able to buy a light source that isn't LED is going to be near enough impossible.

Today, 2013 is the first year we're going to be able to buy an exact clone of a regular 60-watt incandescent bulb at a reasonable price point. By the time we get to 2020, it would be the equivalent cost to today's regular light bulb; they will last 25 years and use 85% less energy.

It is also suggested that LED's can last for up to100,000 hours, compared with the 1,000 hours of traditional incandescent light-bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. The most interesting thing is, after you digitalize the light socket and you switch to LED's, there's a second and third wave coming. Changing the colour temperature; changing the ambience of the room. It's your WIFI hot spot; it's your alarm system because it detects presence coming into the room.

LED fireAs for us, we're choosing to use LED in a lot more of our projects now that we know the benefits, we'd be daft not to! It seems the poor little lightbulb may be about to go extinct, sorry Thomas Edison

Want to see LED in our projects? Click here and look for the fire in the images...yes it is LED!

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