23 April 2020

Outdoor Lighting

We've been incredibly lucky with the weather since lockdown and for many, this has been the motivation needed to tidy up/revamp gardens and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor lighting can really enhance your garden or outdoor space, giving it ambience as well as practical illumination for important areas.

The best thing to do before considering lighting your outdoor space is to walk around your garden at night; by doing this you can get a better understanding of where you feel you would enjoy spending time in the evening.

Think about areas you need to light at night, like a pathway or an eating area. Do you have any garden features that you would like to highlight so that you can see them from inside the house?

Festoon lighting is almost certainly the way to do this - although Fairy lights can be just as effective in the correct setting. Chances are you've seen quite a few gardens and outdoor areas with festoon lights, whether in a beer garden, music festival or in gardens.

Our choice of Festoon Lighting:


These 5m festoon belts, with fixed bulbs, are brand new to our festoon lights range this year.

Twinkly and luminescent; fairy lights are mesmerising. Admit it, we all love these little pretty lights and they can be used in most areas, all year round.

Our choice of Fairy Lights:

For those that are keen to save on electricity bills, these are run off a solar panel and are therefore powered simply by the sunlight:


For a more robust solution, these are connectable and so can be made into various lengths depending on your fairy light requirements.

Hands on outdoor lighting solutions...

If you're looking for a more hands-on solution, Chantelle Lighting can provide solutions that you can install yourself.

Itís the perfect time of year to illuminate your outdoor spaceÖthe best outdoor lighting can really enhance an outdoor space, so get it right and enjoy your garden.

Get in touch with Chantelle Lighting for more details: info@chantellelighting.co.uk


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