07 April 2017

The Art of Upcycling


Verb: To reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality value than the original. 

Upcycling is the art of taking an unwanted, used item and breathing new life into it, making it a desirable object with a new purpose. In an era where we've become a throwaway society, the upcycled trend is very much needed. Luckily, we've had enough experience of manufacturing using used items that we know how to make this trend one that looks good! 

One of our first projects using upcycled items was the Lazy Cow in Solihull, where we manufactured a feature fitting using over a hundred milk bottles. We've come a long way since then, and since we've made fittings using wine glasses, beer bottles, garden tools and lots more! One of our most popular projects was at The Belfry, where we made a huge feature fitting using 140 Ping golf clubs. You'd be forgiven for thinking upcycled lighting only fits into a rustic, industrial scheme. But our black drum pendants, recently manufactured for Hotel Indigo, gave a sleek and stylish feel to their reception.

We've recently revamped our Pinterest page, which is full of our upcycled projects. Hearing and seeing your ideas keep our cogs turning here at Chantelle, so if you have an idea you'd like to share, we'd love to see it. Or if you'd like to know if we can provide upcycled lighting for your projects, get in touch! 

View our full upcycled lighting collection: https://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/range/35/Upcycled-Collection 

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