05 April 2016

Lighting the way for retail customers

As a company, we are renowned for providing bespoke lighting for bars, restaurants and retailers across the country, but did you know that we have worked with prestigious brands including Harrods, Sketchers and Next?

We worked with high street brand Next to create a 1950’s style look for the menswear department; designers Dalziel & Pow wanted to use the lighting to reinforce these ideas and create a quirky look which drew customers in and really reflected the era.

Lighting the way for customers is hugely important within a retail store, and highlighting the products, whilst creating the right mood and setting for the store, is key to producing a great customer experience.

Anthony Holly, managing director at Chantelle Lighting said: "Lighting was essential on this project, and it was important to create a luxurious atmosphere in the store.

"Our team at Chantelle provided mock up designs of the polo shades, so that we got everything right with the final pieces.

"The store proudly boasts a range of ivory polo shades that complement the menswear section of the store perfectly. The 'floating' bespoke lights create a sense of simplicity and elegance that reflects the brand.”

Next were particularly impressed with the way we used the lighting to create a focal point within the department; customer’s eyes are automatically drawn to the fittings, meaning they are more likely to stay and shop in the store.

Anthony added: "The retailer will have products they’d like to emphasise, and it’s about creating a path for the customer to follow, almost guiding them through the store.”

Sketchers are another biggie which we were thrilled to work with; the order came through Accent Group and we provided industrial sphere pendants, which worked as a lovely contrast to the bright shop interior.

Lighting for retail stores is subjective, and it all depends on the brand and what they’re looking to create for customers. The light fittings highlight a path for customers, guiding them through the store, so they can browse and pick out eye catching products.


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