13 April 2015

Our second exclusive range is here...The Ombre Range

Ombre: Adjective

Ombre is the French word for colour that is shaded or graduated in tone.

And so lands our second exclusive range, Ombre. When hearing the word Ombre, you'd be forgiven for thinking of the hairstyle of the season. We're going to change that - Ombre now refers to our collective range of copper lighting.

Copper is the leading material in 2015 so far - the ancient element once used to produce weapons and tools is now a must have for giving interiors a polished, high end feel. Let us not place copper into a niche market however, as it versatility lends itself to industrial projects as well as art deco and retro schemes.

The seven fittings in this range are visibly divided into two styles yet the shiny copper and champagne glass provide a common ground. Slim, Curve and Sleek are the three caged pendants in the collection, offering an industrial spin on the elegance that the finish gives. Fuse, Flow, Link and Fade are the four half-copper half- glass pendants. Each with a filament bulb that gives a nostalgic ambience, these fittings are similar enough to blend together, yet different enough to stand as a feature.

The Ombre range are a classic yet cool choice of lighting to complete any project. The moodboards we have been creating have given us a wide spectrum of ideas on where we would place these, but that is best left to you. We look forward to seeing how you take the Ombre Range and make it your own.  

View our Ombre Range here. 

Bethany Rawes 

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