04 April 2013

We've got the vintage vibe

Here at Chantelle Lighting, we donít like to miss out. Thatís why weíre always quick to catch onto rising trends such as vintage and industrial lighting styles. Our in house designers regularly visit design shows so we are always up to speed on whatís new and in this case, whatís old!

Our company has been established for over 25 years and itís a good job we archived all of our old lighting designs because they are coming back into fashion Ė fast. We are enjoying taking these designs and putting fresh and fun new takes on them. 

 A few of our latest products with a vintage twist include this teapot pendant (perfect for tearooms and cafes!) and this green cotton floor lamp complete with fringing! We also made these multi pendants, the first being a cluster of colourful silk shades which look fantastic together. Another was this, pastel coloured glass shades, which when grouped together create a retro feel. 

A recent project of ours that used the vintage style in their bar was Roe Deer in Reigate. Their main feature was a cluster of colourful floral lampshades, which when grouped together created a great effect that fitted with the bars fun theme of soft pastel colours.

Vintage lighting is a style where you can get creative Ė and our bespoke service helps you do just that. As well as this, we can source vintage lights from all over the world! 

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