25 April 2013

Look where we've been..

Late last year Chantelle’s Managing Director, Anthony Holly, ventured to India alongside our Operations Manager Chris Astin. The trip was originally planned for 1 week, the purpose being to visit a lighting exhibition. However, a close friend of Anthony’s who was based in India informed him of a larger exhibition being held the week after, so he felt it would be beneficial to extend his trip for another week. Anthony was fortunate enough to stay in the foothills of the Himalayas with good friends at a place called Bhimtal Nainital. Monkeys were jumping and swinging from trees to trees, picking fresh fruit from the jungle and tigers strolling across the road in front of the cars.




The first lighting exhibition they visited was in New Deli and they also arranged to visit the factories of existing suppliers. As Anthony and Chris drove through India the culture was bursting at the seams. One Indian gentleman had set up a banana selling stall under a banana tree and the city buses were filled to the brim to get people where they wanted to be. One thing that Anthony and Chris weren’t expecting was the friendliness and hospitality of the Indian people; they were always willing to help with anything. As Anthony and Chris walked down the streets of India, children were scurrying over and trying to impress them with the English they knew. The fresh food in India was incredible and they tasted flavours they’d never experienced before. The spices were implausible and the threat of ‘Deli Belly’ was none existent – to Anthony’s surprise.




One part of the trip which proved the most fruitful in terms of gaining information for the business was visiting the factories and seeing the skills of the Indian workers being put to good use. The craftsmanship was incredible and gave Anthony and Chris a sense of faith knowing 100% effort was going into making the products we order. Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable part of their trip was visiting the Taj Mahal. They spent a whole day looking at the detail it held and the history behind it. It was a day to remember as visiting one of the worlds seven wonders is a once in a lifetime experience. Overall, the trip for Chantelle Lighting was hugely beneficial and Anthony and Chris made sure they made the most of it. It also showed them that if a product takes a while to produce, it is simply due to the craftsmanship and passion that is embedded into their work to make it the best that it can be.


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