04 March 2016

Club owners look for luxurious light fittings

The music, the drinks, the dancefloor and the people; all essentials which make a night on the town as fabulous and glam as it should be!

But what about the club itself?

How many of you prefer a well-looked after, clean, modern and eye catching club?

Owners of Charlie Club, located in Mayfair, London were after a luxurious and decadent interior inspired by Charlie Chaplin; they certainly came to the best place for their lighting solutions, as we at Chantelle know exactly how to create the right mood and setting for night clubbers to revel in.

Charlie Club itself screams modern, trendy and attractive and it was vital that the lighting complemented this style. Gone are the days of dark and dingy night clubs, nowadays, it’s all about the colour and the vivacity!

Which is why our huge LED ring pendants with colour changing panels were the ideal choice. The panels connect to the venue’s very own music system, creating a truly unique atmosphere for visitors to the club.

The exhilarating beat from the sound system worked simultaneously with the LED; the owners requested that the colour changing LED could be controlled by the DJ, which was no problem at all.

Our team at Chantelle carried out extensive tests on the LED, including blasting music through the huge speakers beneath the chandeliers to ensure they could withstand the sound, and the LED element wasn’t effected. It certainly wasn’t, the colours of the LED panels danced brilliantly alongside clubbers!

Now, these were BIG fittings which had to fit through the basement of Charlie, but we solved this problem by manufacturing the rings in sections, which allowed the chandeliers to fold in half and fit comfortably through the basement.

A truly bespoke project, working with the designers and owners to create a magical clubbing experience.

And alongside projects such as this, we also offer a quick turnaround service, which was exactly what happened when local nightclub Illuminati got in touch…

A club which aims to bring a city vibe close to home; looking to transform it’s ‘Rock Room’, our top hat pendant lights were a great fitting to adorn the bar. Although we had a short lead time, we provided light fittings with maximum impact and ones which worked with the theme of the bar.

Two clubs, two different services, two happy customers!

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