26 March 2013

There was a Woodland Spa..

In October last year Chantelle Lighting were tasked with creating a lighting scheme for the new Woodland Spa at Crow wood, based in Burnley.

Malcolm King of IDP Design made contact with Chantelle Lighting and gave us the brief.

The brief was to create effective statement restaurant lighting based on inspiration provided by IPD along with floor lamps, bespoke petal feature lighting for above the pool, contemporary chandeliers for the reception vicinity and lighting throughout the lobby area.

We liaised with Malcolm and Crow wood themselves and made it an essential factor of the project to visit the site numerous times throughout the job. This allowed us to keep a track of progress and also to build a personal relationship with Crow Wood.

Once the first phase of lighting was complete, we received fantastic feedback from both IDP design and Crow wood themselves.  As a result of this, Andy Brown the proprietor of Crow wood came to us with another concept that he needed turning into reality.

Andy wanted a fire above the "serenity pool” in the spa. For safety reasons, a real fire wasn’t possible so he wanted to create the genuine fire effect using LED.  In order to do this we began looking into the possibility of manufacturing an IP rated LED fire effect lighting feature.  We conducted research and contacted the Lighting Association for approval.

The results exceeded our expectations and Crow wood were more than happy with the results.

Chantelle Lighting are experts in taking a concept and making it reality. Not only do we enjoy doing this but we are known for our innovation and professionalism. We specialise in LED and are at the forefront of new technology.

We are proud of our results at The Woodland Spa and hope you like them too! 

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