27 February 2017

We've gone green!

LED lighting is fast becoming a necessity in the lighting industry; a technology that is rapidly advancing, creating endless opportunities for lighting manufacturers and designers.

Here at Chantelle Lighting, we've been working with LED lighting for quite some time, and are amazed at the differences, benefits and all round effectiveness of LED bulbs.

We’ve put together five benefits of LED lighting, and why we are certainly fans of the movement and are incorporating it into lots of our fittings.

1.LED bulbs last for 25,000 hours, compared to the usual 1000 hours of traditional incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. That’s a huge difference; the sustainability and longevity of the bulbs means the possibilities are endless. Bespoke light fittings are lit up and stay lit up, highlighting the gorgeous, unique features.

2.New advances mean that LED bulbs now come in all kinds of colours and shades, meaning the warm glow of a filament bulb is available, not just the bright white colour.

3.LED filament bulbs are now on the market, these beauties look just like a filament but have the benefits of LED.

4.Energy efficient and long lasting; everything you expect from LED lighting. In addition to this, LED bulbs have reduced maintenance costs and are much safer. The bulbs can be left on for hours without incidents, and this is something we find really important when designing beautiful light fittings for bars and nightclubs in particular.

5. The design possibilities with LED lighting are endless. We specialise in creating well-designed systems and products which produce a huge impact in a venue, not only for the eye, but for the mood and ambience too.


By 2020, we guarantee that a light source which isn’t LED, will be impossible. LED lighting has a number of benefits and these are only increasing by the day. We proudly use LED lighting in a number of our projects and looking forward to an exciting LED future for the lighting industry!



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