27 January 2017

Mixing materials to create bespoke surroundings

The beauty of producing stunning lighting products, is the capability to use a variety of materials; some you can probably guess, but here at Chantelle Lighting we also work with lots of quirky, interesting materials which look fantastic in a range of settings.

We've handpicked three of our favourites, or our 'materials of the moment', to give you an insight into how they work, which other materials they work well with, and why they should be a definite part of your design vision in 2017.

Firstly, we take a look at marble. This is a material which is certainly doing the rounds this year; a timeless and classic look which is truly appealing from every aspect. The neutral tones of the material ensure it looks great when paired with brighter, more eye-catching materials such as brass and copper. Constantly channelling current trends, we have some unique, marble pendants coming to Chantelle very soon.

The next material which quite rightly deserves a mention is brass. Polished and brushed brass has been a staple in Chantelle's portfolio for years, and we've now seen it making an appearance into all aspects of interiors. A high-class, superior material which exudes warmth and sheen, it looks great when paired with marble.

Our final material or the moment is concrete. Yes, you heard us correctly, this unique material is taking the lighting world by storm, looking clean, effective and striking. Concrete is a simple material with an unfinished, raw, industrial look. The roughness can be balanced with smooth wood or polished light fittings. Keep your eyes peeled on the Chantelle website and social media for a brand new concrete collection featuring pendants, wall lights and table lamps.

So, there we have three exciting materials which you're sure to see a lot this year. Have you a favourite? Each material has its own quirks and qualities and we can't wait to see how they will be used in different venues and industries. 

 Check out more of our lighting collections:  https://www.chantellelighting.co.uk/ranges

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