11 January 2017

One type of accommodation, two very different concepts

Accommodation can be so broad when it comes to the design; designers utilise their skills to devise a creative concept, putting this in place through the use of lighting, interior design, soft furnishings, colour scheme and décor on the walls.

You may wonder what type of accommodation were talking about? Imagine student accommodation, we all instantly think run down and shabby, plagued with the aftermath of beer pong or those legendary student parties!

Well this is certainly not always the case; weve had the pleasure of working on two student accommodation projects recently; one type of accommodation but both boasting very different light fittings to mirror the theme and décor.

Crescent Place, in Southampton is located close by to Southampton Solent University and the University of Southampton. The building is fun, quirky and lively, with plenty of Chantelle lighting on show throughout, including products from our very own Sulphur range. The bright colours of the pendants and wall lights add an industrial twist to the modern décor, and instantly breathe life, soul and energy into the space.

Windsor House, in Cardiff has a high end, upmarket feel to the interior. Our stunning bespoke industrial ring has a rich blackened finish and comes complete with 44 LED lamps. The rings hang in clusters of three or four making a huge impact to the space. Clean, modern and fresh looking, this student accommodation is the one everyone wants to live in (even us!)

Its apparent that stylish student accommodation is on the rise, but designers are going for completely different looks. Bold, bubbly, colourful lighting versus stylish, bespoke and high end. Whatever the preference, its the lighting which makes a real difference in setting the scene and creating wonderful accommodation for students to live comfortably and happily during their time at university.

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