20 January 2014

Behind the scenes of District

As you may well know, here at Chantelle Lighting we recently launched our first range - District.

 District is a collection of seven glass pendants that come in seven different bespoke shades. After months of planning and tense meetings brainstorming the names of the collection, we decided to name them after the districts in New York. We felt this emphasised the urban look of the lights. It was then decided that we needed some eye catching photography that would compliment the theme; but this was easier said than done.

After weeks of searching, Bethany, our resident Photographer and Marketing Assistant stumbled across the perfect place - an abandoned factory filled to the brim with grafitti. We soon realised this was going to be difficult - the factory was in the middle of nowhere and we needed to light these things up in a building with no electricity supply! Our MD solved the problem by giving us a generator. We picked a date - and buried it in the back of our minds. But the day came around soon enough and our little crew of four bleary eyed women and one generator made our way there.

We dragged the heaviest generator in the world across a field, through bushes, and up a flight of crumbling stairs. We all breathed a sigh of relief and got to work on getting the lights up and illuminated. We were even more impressed with the location when we looked beyond the graffiti we saw the flat horizon of countryside and this contrast made for some brilliant backdrops. Some of the grafitti even matched the colour of the lighs perfectly - Look at the Bronx picture!

A few hours raced by and when we were finally satisfied with the pictures we made the long journey back to the car - with the added bonus of torrential rain.

So now you know the story behind the images that represent the District Range...We hope you enjoy it! 

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