February is the month of love and here at Chantelle Lighting we have a fabulous selection of light fittings which we LOVE and know you will too.

They're eye-catching, dazzling and truly beautiful; they allow the mind to wander, the heart to race and even skip a beat...have you guessed yet?

It's our stunning, bespoke chandeliers of course!

A light fitting is the perfect centrepiece for any room, but a bespoke chandelier draping elegantly from the ceiling is a real vision and definitely something to lust over.

Our wine glass chandelier was recently posted on Facebook by a page talking of dreamy lighting. It's certainly that; made up of 58 wine glasses in an array of colours, the fitting hangs in the restaurant area at the Chop and Ale.

It caused quite a stir, receiving over 50,000 likes on the social media platform, with users commenting on its beauty and unique qualities.

We manufactured a glamourous and show-stopping piece for the Carraghers beautiful home. Jamie and his wife have a staircase which they wanted to illuminate and the result was a 12ft draping chandelier made up of some 50,000 crystals. It has the wow-factor and everyone involved was hugely pleased with the result.

Another highlight was a project we worked on with the Belfry Hotel; we created a bespoke chandelier made up of 140 PING golf clubs making it a real focal point in the main reception. Guests stop to lust over the light fitting and it gains plenty of attention. Not only is the fitting striking, we also hope it is inspiring for golfers visiting the venue. What do you think?

Moving on to our products which create a certain mood, we worked with Crow Wood Leisure on the renovation of the Woodland Spa. The designers wanted to create a certain ambience with the lighting, and ensuring maximum relaxation for guests was key.

As you move from room to room in the Woodland Spa, the lighting takes centre stage, from an array of bubble pendants in the welcome area, to strange cocoon like shapes hovering above the restaurant which the designer has branded 'cigars'.

Those choosing to enjoy the spa's 'thermal experience' can marvel in the beauty of the leaf shaped lighting dome above the massage pool as they feel their stresses melt away, and, as they move along to the low-lit serenity room, escape from reality as they watch the glow from the LED lit fire while bathing in the high temperature pool.

So there we have it, just a few of our stunning products which have been specially created and manufactured. Each fitting represents something unique and special, appealing to a different crowd.

We'll stop flirting now and let the images do the talking; head to our 'Projects' page on the website to view the products in their entirety.