Inspire your home-working space

As you read this right now, it’s likely that you’re doing so from a home-working space. We say space, as it may well be an office, but for many it’s likely to be a spare bedroom, dining room table or any room where your home-schooled cherubs aren’t creating noise!
Wherever this space is in your home, getting the correct lighting can help increase productivity no end. A poorly lit space can reduce your energy, dampen morale, or bring on eyestrain and headaches; all of which have a negative effect on your working day.
How do you get the lighting right? Here’s Chantelle Lighting’s top tips:

Make it functional

We're relying on technology more and more to keep in touch with the outside world at this time, so our trusty mobile phones are essential. Some modern lighting offers USBs charge points as an added extra, which enables you to keep your phone close and fully charged at all times.

Screen working

Home-working has increased our reliance on our laptops and computers, as we replace face-to-face interaction with video calls and share information via the internet. An adjustable desk lamp puts the light exactly where you need it. Better still, if you need to move from the lounge to the kitchen, you can unplug and take the lamp with you.

Get the right location

Think about where your light will come from when setting up your workstation. A light source coming from behind you will almost certainly create an annoying glare on your laptop or computer monitor, while lamp lighting can create shadows if put in the wrong spot. Adjustable floor or desktop lighting is the perfect solution to maintaining your light source as natural light changes throughout the day.

Natural Light

If you are lucky to have a view of the outside world while working; particularly in this beautiful weather we’re currently enjoying, try make the most of it. Sunlight can produce warm lighting that improves the work environment and it lifts the mood of course. It’s best to have natural light in front of, or next to work surfaces and computer screens to avoid glare and maximize your outside views.

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Inspiring your space

While it’s important your lighting is functional, when spending so much time in your home-working space (which doubles as your home), it’s also important to many that it’s visually appealing; we may well be ‘locked in’, but we don’t want to feel that way. You may want to think about decorative lighting which can help improve the visual character of your space.

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Stay safe everyone.