There's no doubt that the heady days of summer brighten our moods; the sun beating down and glorious, colourful blooms out in force.

Sadly, these days are rather few in the UK (especially up North!), so how about taking matters into your own hands and add a touch of vibrant summer colours to your upcoming projects?

Think a touch of daffodil yellow and a touch of tulip orange, blended to perfection with floral and plant-based decorative hues.

A number of recent clients we have worked with have chosen to bring a touch of the outside in.

Let's have a look at some of these projects which are proving a true breath of fresh air in the hospitality sector.


The Florist

We recently created a truly stunning range of vintage floral lighting masterpieces for The Florist, Liverpool - a bespoke lighting project exclusively for the New World Trading Company.

We manufactured various pieces of upcycled vintage lighting here at our Lancashire factory, combining a rustic wooden


multi bulb
drops and a wooden feature wheel with a hammered copper trim and vintage glass shade pendant drops.

And we think you'll agree the end result is simply stunning!




Lighting was to be key to creating a warm, welcoming feel to T.E.D whilst complementing the other materials used in the refurbishment and our vibrant, edgy, District range fit the bill.

The range introduced colour to the venue and was matched perfectly by other furnishings such as orange, electric blue and black recycled cushioned chair and pre-loved green and blue patterned tiles.

The lights, in different colour finishes, were hung together in small clusters, creating a unique, fresh look.

Badger & Co.

Following an epic building transformation, Badger & Co set up home in Castle Street, Edinburgh in the former home of Kenneth Grahame, the author of the Wind in the Willows, in 2016. Its mission was to embark on an adventure into the pleasure of food, drink and all things fun.

We were asked to provide a mix of largely bespoke fittings coupled with smaller pendant and wall lights which would match the quirky and historic eatery perfectly. To do that we felt we needed a mix of rustic lighting, coupled with bright, fresh and modern colours to provide a sense of mystique and fun.


 you will find our daffodil yellow pendants with globe filament bulbs offering the perfect welcome to any guest.



Outside Inn

This eatery is the perfect ambassador for promoting the 'Outdoor n' theme, boasting stunning,
botanical themed interiors which provide a light, airy, calm atmosphere throughout.

We create pendants in our exclusive Sulphur green to meet the objective of the restaurant.

The unusual finish imitates a chemical Sulphuric effect and is available not only for the fittings in this range but for other fittings manufactured by Chantelle.




Remember, we can create bespoke products or customise existing ranges to meet your needs, all you need to do is get in touch.