Winter is a season of two halves, isn’t it? The crisp, frosty days and cosy nights in front of the fire are great, the rainy, windy days, not so appealing!

Well, let’s see if we can make every day cosy and warm this season, with our top tips on winter lighting.

Low level lighting

If you’re seeking to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home, avoid the ‘big light’.

While practical if you have things to do, the ceiling light tends to be much brighter than lamp lighting and illuminates the whole room, thus making it feel cold.

Instead, why not opt for lower level lighting? Strategically placed table lamps and floor lamps in the corners of your room, lights up smaller spaces and creates a lovely warm, shadowy glow.

Or, perhaps switch the bulb in your main pendant light for a softer hue.

Choose the right bulb

There are so many choices of bulbs today, you can pretty much get any glow you wish; you just need to choose the right one for the right space.

Using a cool white bulb in your lamp will offer a bright daylight glow, great if you want a touch of the outdoors, but certainly not cosy.

Warm white bulbs or dimmable filament bulbs, however, offer a resplendent yellowy/orange glow - the perfect accompaniment to a roaring home fire.

Candle lighting

Candles scream a wintery, festive vibe and can be used in all kinds of ways. Many also provide come with flickering flame effects for that additional authentic and romantic feel.

No matter whether you prefer antique, traditional or industrial wall lanterns or pendant lanterns, there’s a whole host of candle lighting options available to you.

String lights

Once only associated with Christmas, festoon and fairy lights are now a more permanent mood lighting option both indoors and outdoors.

So, whether you choose to hang fairy lights across a fireplace or shelf, or adorn an outdoor space with larger festoon lighting, you’re sure to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

We hope that gives you some handy tips on how to warm up your surroundings this winter season. Get your cosy on!