Lighting and colour are vital parts of setting the scene in
your spa environment. They can change the mood from romantic to relaxing and
make a spa easy to enjoy after dark.

Lighting used within a spa not only has to be aesthetically
pleasing, but it also needs to be fully functional, waterproof and meet safety
requirements. Here we’ve put together our top five ways to create the perfect
lighting in a spa location whilst fulfilling all of these necessities.

1.It’s the lighting levels and design which create
the mood within a spa. Getting these right are crucial; the wrong lighting
levels in a spa are noticeable and they can change the vibe in an instant. Spas
are for relaxation, but they are also a place to socialise with friends or
family, therefore, the lighting needs to represent both of these ideas.

2.Try some quirky designs that complement the
theme of your spa; think cocoon like shaped light fittings or contemporary
modern fixtures that are low lit to set the scene.

3.Using coloured lights in the swimming pool is very
effective, you can choose the colours you would like and have them on a
transitional basis, going either quite quickly or really slow depending on the
atmosphere you’re trying to set.

4.Lighting can help when it comes to a lack of
space. In previous spa projects we’ve worked on, we’ve helped to exaggerate
space by incorporating mirrors to give the sense of higher ceilings or to
expand the walls alongside our lighting suggestions. This is the beauty of
lighting, the possibilities are endless, and, as a bespoke manufacturer, we can
produce anything a client would like.

5. Have a conversation about your vision for the
spa and the scene you’re trying to set with a lighting designer guarantees
you’re going to make your ideas become a reality. Gaining ideas and seeing
example pieces can give you a better idea of the products you’re actually
looking for.