As summer rapidly approaches and more and more people return to public venues to eat, drink and socialise, businesses welcoming the return of their patrons need to think about how to keep them coming back.

Of course, the quality of food and service trumps all, but ensuring a charming environment goes a long way to creating an experience people are keen to revisit. With outdoor settings being the place where so much merriment takes place – especially as the nights grow warmer – getting the lighting right is a powerful way of fashioning spaces people never want to leave.

In this piece, we suggest some ideas for how you can create such a space.


Pathway lighting

Intelligently positioned and discrete pathway lighting allows for safe passage along walkways, steps, and other outdoor routes as evening draws or where tree canopies block out the light. Elegant and functional, pathway lights provide a gentle illumination that adds a magical touch as your customers make their way to your venue or to their seats.

Many of the most popular types of pathway light are easily installed in the ground beside walkways or mounted low to walls running parallel. With adjustable heads, the beam can be directed wherever light is most needed without diverting attention from other nearby features and installations.


As well as illuminating the ground, lights can be positioned higher up to provide a soft glow to spaces where people gather. Mounted high on walls, ceilings, trees, and tall installations, downlights can also target the likes of water features to deliver a uniquely tasteful effect.

Quick to set up, downlighting is a compelling option for any business with high enough vantage points for the full impact to be realised.

Landscape spotlighting

Rather than being used to illuminate spaces in which your customers will move or meet, landscape spotlighting is designed to add a spectacular gravitas to your premise, marking yours out as something different from whatever else is on offer.

Now commonplace on even the largest structures, landscape spotlights capture the hidden features of buildings and – particularly at night – add a majesty to even modest establishments.

Structural Lighting

If your outdoor space includes installations such as pergolas, low voltage structural lighting can create an almost dream-like feel that offers an irresistible escape from the rigors of daily life.

Lights can be easily attached to overhead beams to provide sumptuous evening light without looking out of place during the day. Brightness can be upped to create a more festive atmosphere or dimmed for something a little more relaxing, meaning you’re always in control of the mood you want to create.

Pendant Lighting

Lights aren’t always about function. Often, it’s simply the beauty they add to a feature that makes them so enticing.

Pendant lights are perfect for great for adding a dash of splendour and intrigue to your overall lighting layout and bring an aura of magic. The fixtures themselves are designed with aesthetics in mind so, if placed appropriately, become a feature in their own right.

We hope this gives you some useful tips on how to create a stunning outdoor setting and, if you’d like further guidance, feel free to contact us any time. Let’s light up the summer!