Ensuring the
right lighting for your restaurant, bar or hotel project takes a lot more
effort than you might think.

You need to
find a balance between what looks good, what your budget allows and what is available
to you within your project time restraints.

This is
where contract lighting companies like Chantelle Lighting come in. We have 30
years’ experience working with designers, architects, contractors, managers and
more, ensuring the smooth delivery of lighting for projects big and small.

Not only do
we manufacture our own stylish high quality products that are on trend and look
great, we also supply them in large quantities and carefully ship them to your
chosen destination.

We carefully
consider the needs of each and every project, constantly offering advice and
asking questions to make sure the solution meets the brief, as well the
practicalities of the space.

To us, understanding what ambience you want
your lighting design to achieve is just as important as the budget you have to

It is our job to make the lives of our
clients easier; not more difficult! As such, we draw on over three decades’
experience to offer measured and considered advice at every stage of the

Unless of course, you are seeking an
off-the-wall, bespoke fitting, of course – that’s where we let our imaginations
run wild and we’re yet to disappoint!

Designers and Architects need re-assurance
that they are collaborating with a knowledgeable, experienced lighting specialist
they can trust to deliver results from concept to completion.

That’s exactly what they get from us, taking
a simple sketch to reality, through various stages of 3D renderings, sample
creations to delivery of the actual product.

Alternatively, if they’re looking for an
off-the-shelf product, or range of products, available to them at fast
turnaround speeds, that too we can deliver. To us, it’s all about meeting
individual needs and demands.

We’re also here to consider the logistics of
getting the lights on site; trust us, that is all too often a last minute
consideration until, the fitting won’t go through the door!

We know how to transport those fragile items
seamlessly, what needs to be considered before the fitting gets to site and
what potential tools, machinery and manpower is needed to get them in situ.
Some of these fittings are extremely weighty!

Lest not
forget the service you receive from Chantelle Lighting throughout; design,
quality, efficiency and price are all vital elements, but experience a poor
service and its that you’ll remember above anything else.

Lighting is a family firm which puts your interests at the heart of everything
we do; you look good, we feel good.


To discuss
your next project, please contact us on 01282 877877 or email [email protected]