The timeless beauty of the traditional schoolhouse pendant has brought it back to the fore.

This retro product originally gained popularity in the 1920s and its original opal glass shades could be found hanging from classroom, library and domestic kitchen ceilings.

Offering clean, utilitarian lines and practical light-diffusing shades, these schoolhouse lights proved a popular choice anywhere where ambient light was needed.

And now they're back, ready to add a retro flair to domestic kitchens, bathrooms, dining areas and hallways or commercial bars and retail spaces.

A recent project for a new barbers shop saw us hang Opal schoolhouse pendants in a row across the ceiling, which created an impact for customers when they initially entered the shop. The antique brass metalwork and shapes of the pendants keep in line with the industrial theme.

Chantelle's choice of traditional opal and new clear glass pendants are complemented by antique brass metalwork, nodding to the traditional but brought up to the minute with LED bulbs.

Available in three different sizes these fittings are perfect for any vintage inspired or traditional rooms and blends well with muted greys bright tones.